The Molteni group is one of Italy’s leading industrial groups in the furnishing sector. It comprises three companies, each one a leader in its own sector: Molteni & C Spa (home furnishings), Unifor Spa (office furnishings) and Dada Spa (kitchens). It provides a global offer in the furniture sector to 37 countries around the world, as well as in Italy.
The group has a long history. Its business activities started in the 1930s with a craft firm, Molteni, which started to expand in the 1950s, opting for mechanisation with a view to industrial production. In the 1970s, it split into three companies as a result of its size and to better respond to the needs of the market. Today, the Molteni Group is one of the few with an integral manufacturing cycle: it has total control of its production, from the choice of materials to the final definition of the piece. The three companies have developed an extensive synergy in terms of technology, research and the exploration of new types adapted to the changes in course in the home and workplace.
The Molteni group has always worked with first-rate designers such as Pier Luigi Cerri, Michele De Lucchi, Rodolfo Dordoni, Foster & Partners, Ferruccio Laviani, Luca Meda, Jean Nouvel, Pagani e Perversi, Bruno Reichlin, Aldo Rossi, Afra and Tobia Scarpa, Gerard Van den Berg, Hannes Wettstein, Patricia Urquiola and Paola Navone. Molteni&C
Molteni & C is a company with advanced technology and a longstanding tradition. In the 1970s, it started to define its identity by following two routes. First, it implemented ongoing research in the sector of modular furniture, developing with Luca Meda’s designs a number of solutions suited to all parts of the home, from wardrobe to living room and study/home office. Modular systems such as 505, 7volte7 and Pass, to name but a few, are designs in constant evolution, both in technical and construction terms, as well as in function and comfort.