Your home is a unique place.


Maurizi carpentry…custom-made home!

During the years Arredamenti Maurizi has expanded his own production and has continiously upgrade the equipement to always propose to the customers new solutions.The technological progress and the increase of the skills haven’t damaged the delicious craft approach with the woodworking: one of the fundamental key of the company,which represent the success of this.

That’s why the company mantains inside her a wood lab where every item is studied and modified in accordance with the market requirements,where it’s possible to build new furnitures or renovate the existing ones,creating small and great masterpieces,emphasising the most the starting material.

Thank to our carpentry, we make tailored furnitures,inlay and decorations, to create a unique home, tailored to each client’s needs.

Getting inspired with the spaces and pandering their characteristics we create unique and exclusive pieces,which make your home unreapeatable.

A forefront craft reality for the quality standards and the high technology levels which from 85 years accompany you for the choice of optimal solutions.

We ensure that the collocation will be made by the same hands which built the product and know that well,so that you will be sure that the product won’t be damaged or won’t lose his quality during the installation.

We also make custom-made kitchens ;sometimes you can think to choose a ready kitchen, because of the possibility of personificate it and the utilisation of sectional pieces.In each case also if the kitchens on the market can be functional they don’t solv every problem.

 Especially if you are directed toward a wood kitchen, ask to an artisan is the best to can choose a good hardwood.Moreover speak with a carpentry is the best choise for those who are really demanding and creative,having the possibility of combine the most particular and whimsical ideas.

Also for that which is about the prices,that sometimes scare,choose the craft production lead to a lot of benefits.Often  traders manage to be cheaper,offering a quality service and product without too affect in the budget for your own furniture.

So,what are you waiting for?Arredamenti Maurizi is avaible for each of your needs.