Our company has got remote roots ,from which we can’t and we wouldn’t ignore them,because those roots have transmitted us original values,as family,territoriality,culture experience,passon and effort and these are the values that let us to face the small and great daily difficulties.

Arredamenti Maurizi was born in 1931 from the initiative of two young and talented brothers,Arduino and Luigi Maurizi who decided to transform their passion in work,so they opened a carpentry in Montecosaro Scalo.

their dream became reality;in the family lab,wood gets shape to create prototypes and custom-made furnitures.The artisanship,the quality and the uniqueness belong to us since that day.

in the ’60,Arredamenti Maurizi got rich of new ideas and ambitions and next to the carpentry bornt the furniture show room,where craft creations live toghether with italian and international design brands.

To collect  these changes is Tonino Maurizi,who grew in the family carpentry  and connected the fundamental teaching of his uncle Arduino and his Father Luigi with the study,the research and the formation.He studied in Brera,Milan of artists and design;by the time he became sculptor,painter and designer.The personal and artistic growth of Tonino will give a new impulse to the company which got a new sensibility and became the place where the ideas to live the space born.

In 1980 Arredamenti Maurizi evolved again proposing itself on the market as a service society,as general contractor with complex capacities,that with its technical office was able to provide the planning ,the advice ,the direction  of the work,and with the collaboration stronger by the time with qualified company in the sector,it proposed itself like “unique interlocutor”for the complete realisation of commercial  locations with a wide range of integrate services:management of all the construction works,plan building,internal finishings,furnitures,custom-made furnitures;ensuring the prices and times.

During the years we have realized bank branches,chemists,hotels,resturants,spas,retails,centers for the meeting of the Young and fair stands.

Tonino with his collaborators personally follow the yards both in Italy and foreign to examinate year after year the work’ progress.

Every work we realize is a little story and talks about  our enthusias,our ideas and our way of transorm the space having care of the surrounding  ambient  and his characteristics.Every work is followed step by step by our company.

Every work born from the collaboration with architects,designers and ingeneers,both internal and external,working next to the  the customer and the professionist to interpret his needs and dreams,followed by the growth and realisation by expert hands of our mans who translate the project by building works.,installations and internal finishes to the ending with the fournishing and installation of furnitures,tapestry,drapery and lighting.

It,s exciting for us know that someone can work,study,have fun,rest and meet in unique ambiemnts born from the perfect coordination of our energies and from the continious  dialogue of the three company soul:the carpentry,the internal design showroom and the technical office.

our staff is really proud of the durable relationships etablished with our customers and providers.we are continiously engaged to overcome the espectationsof our customers.Today we are at the third generation with Andrea and Giovanna Maurizi,who after their studies of engineering and architecture enteed in the company, and toghether with expert collaborators provideb to them their professionalism and competence,to satisfy complex technical solutions ensuring to the customer a complete service.

thank to a specific division of the activitiess in busines unities,the company answers with a focused wayto the need of  every category of client:Arredamenti Maurizi,Maurizi contract and Maurizi carpentry.

Really qualified collaborators and chosen from the specific “know-how”, are an essential element for the satisfaction of our customers.

A view in the future:watch to our success past won’t solve tomorrow challenges.

This is the reason why we are continiously focused in innovative solutions;from the professional consulence to the sell of the products and services,we offer to our costumers a partnership for the entire period of collaboration,up to the ending of the works.

In 2005 CSI qualificated the company by giving the certification ISO 9001:2008 for the sectors:

  •   EA 23e,EA29a (progettation production marketing and installation of furnitures and custom-made furniture)
  • EA 28 (progettation and realisation of civil works and installations)

From 2011 Arredamenti Maurizi is a partner of the Macerata architects’ order

From 2016we got the 100% made in Italy certification