Arredamenti Maurizi was born in 1931.

In the years our business made  its history.  A history of will, sometimes stubbornness.

A continuous research of better products and a better relationship with the client has driven us forward  to compare with possible competitors, without however  forgetting our origins.

We have given a new impulse to the old artisan lab, inaugurated in the distant 1931. With this lab we realize measured prototypes and furniture, taking particular care to the choice and use of materials, in the great execution, thanks even to our professionally prepared and reliable workers. The innate curiosity let us see the future, while the experience recognize and interpret it.

In the 60’s Arredamenti Maurizi developed actual complex abilities.

Today we are a business that, with its technical office, is able to provide to the planning, the advice and the management of works.

With the collaboration, consolidated in the time, of qualified suppliers we can realize building structure, plant structure and finishes of internal backgrounds, and through our lab can realize any kind of prototypes or particular and measured furnishings.

Arredamenti Maurizi is a valid datum point in the realization of projects concerned with equipment and renovation ready for operation, or rather with projects which we base on the client’s requirements: working habitats such as banks, hotels, industrial and commercial buildings, showrooms, public buildings, and habitat such as residences, flats and villas.

Our history is made of style, concreteness, sensibility, functionally, imagination and good taste getting the dignity of an exact science.

We have just celebrated the first 80 years of activities, now the new challenge: other 80 years of research and innovations.

Because the passion is ageless.

The idea, the quality, the functionality.

All this is possible only by working with passion and competence together with the client, listening to his needs to transform them into a project and lastly in its  punctual execution, giving space to our creativity, always in function of customers’ requirements.