Quality and certification

The art of furnishing is an exact science.

Interpreting clients’needs, transforming those into a project and thus realizing with art, professionalism and concreteness are all main objectives of Arredamenti Maurizi.

Being certificated means to prove this commitment, this professionalism, this reliability.

confindustria macerata Confindustria
ICILA Maurizi
ICILA – SINCERT 9001:2008
Activities EA: 23e; 29a
certificate n. 843
Design, production, marketing and installation of furniture and custom-made furniture.

CSQ – IMQ 9001:2008
Certificate n. 9165.ARRM
Design and construction
of civil works and equipment



The policy for the company’s quality is focused on the reaching of the satisfaction,of the trust and the loyalty of the customer and on the total conformity with the binding laws.To reach that, the company organisation has to engagé herself on the reaching and the maintening of specific objectives,which in their complex,must determinate the reaching of the quality global strategy.This policy must be considered like a fundamental way to lead Arredamenti Maurizi srl to the improvement of his own performances.That’s why the policy for the quality is specifically directed to those company aspects needed to unsure the success,that are:

  • To all the company aspects for which types and levels of future improvements are defined.Identifying the correct indicators for their management;
  • To the satisfaction of the customer,defining the waited level and the actions to do for its reaching;
  • To the company staff that,feeling himself the part of a team which is directed to the company success,has to find the atmosphere and the best incentives for the company improvement;
  • To the ownership expectations in relation with the reaching of the wished return level compared to the involved resources;
  • To the providers and commercial partners to reach high contributes levels and collaboration with the purpose of a collective grewth;

To the management of the resources (financial,human,infrastructural)with the purpose of unsure a usefull and continious support to the grewth and success of the company.

The management chose the conformity with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and the continious improvement  caused by its application as a management tool to the reaching of the targets.The general management has got the primary responsability of the quality sistem operation,the predisposition of the quality system and the check of its suitability to the management representative ,who draw up periodic reports  on the quality management system’s status and on the effectiveness of the objectives reaching.The general management makes periodic rewievs,promotes improvement actions for the following period and ensures the continious suitability of the policy with strategic goals.

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