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The Relatively New Sculpture

«The Relatively New Sculpture» — the Islands exhibition, for the first time was taken place in Italy, — curated by the Artistic Advisor Vicente Todolì. Bringings together 100 works by Dieter Roth(Hannover, 1930–Basel, 1998) that was a key figure on the international art scene of the past fifty years. It is being put on with the collaboration of his son Björn. The display is quite unique in the way that the imposing installations interact with the former industrial space of HangarBicocca. An insatiable researcher in many fields of creativity and knowledge, Dieter Roth was a graphic artist, poet, expert in music, and designer. He explored every medium and type of art, combining painting, sculpture, printing, photography, videos and sound in all-encompassing works. Fascinated by the mechanisms of transformation, Roth used a vast array of materials and objects such as utensils, furnishings, monitors, and food in a process that revealed the constant mutability of the work.



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