The family

Since 1931 we are at your service:

has built its history in the name of furnishing.
Over time it has evolved, combining craftsmanship that sets it apart with the latest generation of design.

Our history Not just furniture

Family, territoriality, culture, experience, passion and commitment, these are the values ​​on which our company was founded. In 1931, the brothers Arduino and Luigi Maurizi, driven by the passion for wood and furniture, decided to open their own carpentry workshop in Montecosaro Scalo. In the 1960s, Tonino Maurizi, son of Luigi, studied in the creativity of fervent Milan, and decided to open the showroom of furnitue and design objcets. In the 80s, with the targeted activity of Ms Maria, the company also adds the connotation of service companies, proposing itself for fit out projects, both residential and business location renovations.

Arredamenti Maurizi

In 2005 CSI qualified the company by issuing the ISO 9001: 2008 certification for the sectors EA23e, EA29a and EA28.

In 2011 AM became partner of the Architects board in Macerata, while in 2016 acquired the 100% Made in Italy certification. Nowadays Arredamenti Maurizi is represented by its third generation, with Andrea and Giovanna Maurizi, ready to take on the challenges that the future will face.

  1. 1931

    The Arduino and Luigi Maurizi brothers, driven by the passion for wood and furniture, decide to open their own carpentry workshop in Montecosaro Scalo.
    Their passion to the work soon leads them to establish themselves for their know-how, the quality of their products and the uniqueness of custom-made creations, prototypes and furnishings.

  2. 1960

    Tonino Maurizi, son of Luigi, thanks to an intuition, and the studies in Milan about art and design, open the first showroom in the 1960s. By the way, the company becomes a retailer of the most prestigious brands of Italian and international design, in addition to its own prodution. Study, research and training lead Arredamenti Maurizi to achieve a new sensitivity, becoming a place where ideas for living space grow.

  3. 1980

    A new change in the 1980s, when the company evolved again, entering the market as a service company, proposing itself as a general contractor for fit out projects with complex capabilities. A technical office is set up capable of designing, consulting, work direction and proposing itself as a "single interlocutor" in the realization of all construction works, plant engineering, interior finishes, standard and made-to-measure furnishings and the supply of all products, ensuring the certainty of time and costs.

  4. 2005

    CSI qualify the company by issuing the ISO 9001: 2008 certification for the sectors: EA 23e, EA 29a (design, production, marketing and installation of custom furniture and furnishings), EA 28 (design and construction of civil works and plants).

  5. 2011

    Arredamenti Maurizi, is a partner of the Architects board in Macerata.

  6. 2016

    Acquires 100% Made in Italy certification. A careful internal organization leads the company to form 3 Business Units, all specialized in different but complementary areas: furniture and finishes, fit out projects and custom made furniture. Each business unit boasts highly qualified collaborators selected on the basis of specific "know-how". We are constantly focused on innovation to look to the future and solve the challenges it will face us.

Company Every work we make is a small story

Tells about our enthusiasm, our ideas and our way of transforming the space, always taking care of the surrounding environment and its characteristics.
Each project comes from the collaboration with architects, designers and engineers, both indoors and outdoors.
We all work together
with the customer to interpret his wishes and needs. From the dream to the project, from the project to the realization, under the expert hands of our workers through masonry, plant engineering and interior finishes, up to its completion with the supply and assembly of furniture, upholstery, curtains, and lighting.
We are thrilled to know that someone will spend important moments in their life, with our environments as scenography.

Our Team

Maria Feroci

Tonino Maurizi

Ing. Andrea Maurizi 
Responsible of contract division and carpentry

Giovanna Maurizi
Responsable of home division

Cinzia Di Battista
Purchase office

Simone Martello
Site direction

Orietta Petrini
Administrative office

Eleonora Sbrascini
Project and consulting

Arch. Ilaria Simoni
Project and consulting

Massimo Cervellini

Ilir Shkurti

Enzo Marrocco

Paolo Raschioni


We strive every day to try to overcome and exceed the expectations placed in us, and we do it with the utmost professionalism and all the passion we are capable of.

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