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Ogni servizio di cui tu abbia bisogno per la progettazione dei tuoi mobili e dei tuoi spazi noi lo abbiamo.

e consulenza esecutiva

Thanks to consolidated collaborations with important architecture firms, we are able to provide personalized advice focused on the tastes and inclinations of our client, as well as in line with the latest trends of the sector.
We do not limit ourselves to the sole choice of the product and its configuration. Ours is an accurate and meticulous study of the environment, the market and above all the person: from the choice of floors to the wallpapers, from the decoration of the spaces to the home automation systems up to the choice of fabrics and fragrances.
Everything is studied in detail to recreate that ideal atmosphere, which is in the mind and heart of our client.

e Misure

Precision, valid instruments and a long experience in the sector are the characteristics that make interior design a real science. For this reason, before starting any project, our professionals carry out surveys and measurements with precise instruments directly on site to ensure the success of the project.


To ensure consistency between systems and furnishings, we are used to accompany the related plant plan from the beginning of project phase.
It will be a specialized engineer to guide you step by step to better define lighting and heating.


To answer to most demanding customers, we have a dedicated staff for the estimation of projects and furnishings.
Speed ​​and punctuality is an indispensable element for our professionals who offer detailed quotations to the customer.

Convenzioni e pagamenti

Regarding our tailor-made service, we also offer the possibility of personalized payments thanks to the agreements with some financing companies.

Lista nozze

The choice of furniture before the wedding is an important moment in life. Especially if that piece of furniture or furnishing accessory has the power to recall such a special moment.
That's why you can count on us for your wedding list.

Trasporto e Montaggio

We offer assistance and specialized figures in the delicate phase of the assembly, the perfect execution of which can make a real difference on the entire project.
Our staff periodically carries out courses at the manufacturing companies providing a 360 degree assistance.

Assistenza Post-Vendita

We have been in the sector for more than 80 years and in our huge experience, we have created consolidated relationships with our customers who return to choosing us even after years of purchasing a product.
This is because our after-sales service is treated in detail, providing qualified assistance on spare parts and maintenance of the furniture.
The direct relationship with customers is a distinctive factor for us.

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