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A unique interlocutor who manages all aspects of your renovation. Imagine your home, your office … your spaces, come and tell us and when everything is ready, live them: we will take care of the rest.

A truly all inclusive approach, transparent and in line with the time and the prefixed budget.


Whom are we actually addressing?

Studi Architettura

Architecture studies

We are trusted partners of architectural firms, both in drafting projects and in choosing the most suitable techniques to create the desired environments.

Aziende e Uffici

Companies and Offices

We realize customized spaces following a consolidated procedure. We are able to offer a complete service thanks to a experienced staff.


Privati e Casa

Private and Home

We provide a complete service for the renovation or the realization of residential project and non -residential, such as offices, banks, hotel …..always accompanying our customers in the best solution.

SGR e Real Estate

SGR and Real Estate

We propose to SGR, Real Estate Funds and companies operating in the Real Estate world by offering a wide multidisciplinary range.

We are the contamination between architects, designers, consultants and workers

What do we do

We save you time, trouble and headaches. You don’t have to contact plumbers, electricians, installers, other furniture manufacturers, craftsmen, construction companies … wait for everyone’s quote, wait for them on site …

Ask a free consultancy e come to see our realizations

Site inspection

We visit your spaces, proceed with the survey and with the access to the documents in common to verify the correctness and correspondence between the actual situation and the authorized state, trying to take the right direction in the development of the spaces.

and executive design

We coordinate the work done by the professional (if you don't have one, we can advise you by personalities with whom we often collaborate), the wrapping and its contents, putting materials, furnishings, lights and colors in synergy ... all before starting work ... to avoid surprises and setbacks!

and budgeting

We develop provisional estimatations during the project development phase, in order to create the process step by step, with constant attention to costs.

Access to
tax bonuses

We point out the correct procedure to access tax deductions and bonuses; it's our costant attention to consultancy and support.

Consultancy on materials,
finishes and furnishings

Thanks to the experience gained in the field, the knowledge of the materials and furnishings displayed, we recommend the best solution for your idea of ​​space.

Choice of team
and site coordination

We collaborate sing long ago with teams of electricians, plumbers, bricklayers and plasterboard workers and with them we manage the construction site, the technical interventions and the deliveries of materials on site, removing all the problems from the professional and you!


We monitor the progress of the work and update you on any setbacks, managing every aspect with professionalism and transparency.

of times

We agree in the contract phase the delivery deadline of your renovated property and we do everything to contain the unexpected and respect the deadlines.

at the end of the works

As soon as the renovation is completed, we issue you all the necessary certifications and a copy of each administrative file.

Furniture Turn on your imagination

See our wide range of our solutions, let yourself be inspired and find the right one for you and for your space. We showcase the furnishings, interior finishes and accessories that we like most, the ones we would also like for our spaces. Solutions for all types of environments, where you can expertly combine the elements and make your spaces unique and special.

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